The Foundation is governed by a 12 member Board of Trustees. The Chair, Chair-Elect and Immediate Past Chair serve one-year terms. Geographic distribution is ensured by the election of three Trustees per Grand Division (east, middle, west) who serve three-year terms and whose terms are staggered.

Board of Trustees 2017-18

Mark L. Hayes, Dyersburg

N. Houston Parks, Columbia

Immediate Past Chair
William C. Argabrite, Kingsport

East Tennessee Trustees
Paul Campbell III, Chattanooga
David M. Eldridge, Knoxville
Angelia M. Nystrom, Knoxville

Middle Tennessee Trustees
Judge Frank G. Clement, Jr., Nashville
Paul C. Ney, Nashville
Judge Amy V. Hollars, Livingston

West Tennessee Trustees
Floyd S. Flippin, Humboldt
Irma Merrill Stratton, Memphis
Judge John W. Whitworth, Camden


Past Chairs
2016-17 William C. Argabrite, Kingsport
2015-16 Judge Barbara D. Holmes, Nashville
2014-15 Judge C. Creed McGinley, Savannah
2013-14 Pamela L. Reeves, Knoxville
2012-13 Michael E. Spitzer, Hohenwald
2011-12 Charles M. Key, Memphis
2010-11 Harry P. Ogden, Knoxville
2009-10 B. Riney Green, Nashville
2008-09 J. Steven Stafford, Dyersburg
2007-08 Howard H. Vogel, Knoxville
2006-07 Paul B. Plant, Lawrenceburg
2005-06 Stephen H. Biller, Memphis
2004-05 William C. Carriger, Chattanooga
2003-04 Harris A. Gilbert, Nashville
2002-03 J. Daniel Breen, Jackson
2001-02 Dalton L. Townsend, Knoxville
2000-01 Cornelia A. Clark, Franklin
1999-00 W. Collins Bonds, Milan
1998-99 Scott N. Brown, Jr., Chattanooga
1997-98 T. Edward Lawwell, Columbia
1996-97 Ross B. Clark II, Memphis
1995-96 Lowry F. Kline, Chattanooga
1994-95 David B. Herbert, Nashville
1993-94 Albert C. Harvey, Memphis
1992-93 Robert L. McMurray, Cleveland
1991-92 F. Evans Harvill, Clarksville
1990-91 Irvin Bogatin, Memphis
1989-90 Robert R. Campbell, Knoxville
1988-89 Ward DeWitt, Jr., Nashville
1987-88 James M. Glasgow, Sr., Union City
1986-87 Ray H. Moseley, Chattanooga
1985-86 William J. Harbison, Nashville
1984-85 Walter P. Armstrong, Jr., Memphis
1983-84 Houston Goddard, Maryville
1981-83 Wilson Sims, Nashville