Fellows Class of 2022

 Left to Right: Ryan P. Durham - Lawrenceburg; Jeffrey L. Carson - Nashville; William A. Wooten - Covington; Wayne A. Kline - Knoxville;J. Brent Bradberry - McKenzie; James R. Stovall - Knoxville; Stacy Ellison Roettger - Knoxville; Teresa A. Luna - Jackson; Russell E. Edwards - Hendersonville; J. Christopher Anderson - Nashville; C. Douglas Dooley - Chattanooga; Cara J. Alday - Chattanooga; M. Clark Spoden - Nashville; Harriet S. Thompson - Bolivar; Allison Easterday - Knoxville; Brent B. Young - Johnson City; Cindy Cole Ettingoff - Memphis; Kirk A. Caraway - Memphis; John B. Burns - Brookhaven, Mississippi; Lawrence J. Laurenzi - Memphis; David G. McDowell - Chattanooga.


Not Pictured: Cheryl Rumage Estes - Memphis; Colin Johnson - Dresden; Wendy L. Longmire - Nashville; Charles M. Nicely - Chattanooga; Jason M. Pannu - Nashville; Lori Thomas Reid - Franklin.

About the Fellows

The Foundation honors attorneys who have distinguished themselves in the profession by electing them to membership as “Fellows.” Their contributions are used to support selected, law-related public interest projects.

In accordance with the Foundation’s bylaws, attorneys elected as Fellows “…shall be limited to those outstanding lawyers, judges, and teachers of law licensed to practice for a period of fifteen years (see Suggestion Form)  who have:


(a) demonstrated an uncompromised dedication to integrity and high personal and professional ethical standards;

(b) made outstanding and recognized contributions to the legal profession and to the public good;

(c) demonstrated a strong commitment to the published objectives and purposes of the Tennessee Bar Foundation.”


A class of new Fellows, apportioned among the state's three Grand Divisions, is chosen each year.

Suggestions for new Fellows are solicited annually from the current membership.

Names are then forwarded to the appropriate committee for that Grand Division, which whittles the submissions to the required number. The Board of Trustees makes the final decision as to the members of the class. The newly-elected Fellows are honored at the Fellows’ Dinner.

Fellows Roster

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