IOLTA Grants “Special Award” for 2024

The Tennessee Bar Foundation has the pleasure of making a second announcement of grant awards for calendar year 2024. In addition to the annual, application driven IOLTA (Interest On Lawyers’ Trust Accounts) grants announced earlier in January a “special award” of $1,000,000 of IOLTA funds will be shared, on a poverty population basis, by Tennessee’s four, federally funded legal assistance programs: Legal Aid of East Tennessee, Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands, West Tennessee Legal Services and Memphis Area Legal Services. Through the 21 offices staffed by these organizations, legal assistance is provided across the state.

The 2024 Special Awards are one-time, flexible funding and will be utilized based on the differing needs of each recipient program. Suggested uses may be to bridge a time gap between other grant funds, to support office infrastructure or to maintain seasoned staff. The amounts each organization will receive during the year are listed below.

Legal Aid of East Tennessee – $317,900

Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands – $395,500

West Tennessee Legal Services – $88,800

Memphis Area Legal Services – $197,800