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Board of Trustees 2020-21

The Foundation is governed by a 12 member Board of Trustees. The Chair, Chair-Elect and Immediate Past Chair serve one-year terms. Geographic distribution is ensured by the election of three Trustees per Grand Division (east, middle, west) who serve three-year terms and whose terms are staggered.

Floyd S. Flippin, Humboldt

East Tennessee Trustees
Sam D. Elliott, Chattanooga
Angelia M. Nystrom, Knoxville
Judge D. Kelly Thomas, Maryville

Honorable Amy V. Hollars, Livingston

Middle Tennessee Trustees
Cynthia C. Chappell, Nashville
Jacqueline B. Dixon, Nashville
Charles K. Grant, Nashvillle

Immediate Past Chair
David M. Eldridge, Knoxville

West Tennessee Trustees
W. Lewis Jenkins, Dyersburg
C. Barry Ward, Munford
Judge John W. Whitworth, Camden

Past Chairs