March 2021 – TLIF 2021 – 2023 Grant Awards for Innovation in Civil Legal Aid

The Foundation announces awards totaling $1,263,890 to be paid during 2023 to 29 organizations located across Tennessee. The 2023 grant total increased by more than $500,000 over 2022. In accordance with the Supreme Court’s Order, all recipients provide either direct civil legal service to indigent clients or work to improve the administration of justice.

Each organization’s application for IOLTA funds was evaluated by the Foundation’s Grant Review Committee. The Committee consists of 12 lawyers and judges, serving staggered, three-year terms, appointed by nine, state-wide “practicing bar” organizations. By relying on those organizations to provide membership, the Committee is insured of a diverse group of practitioners. The Committee makes a comprehensive recommendation to the Foundation’s 12-member Board of Trustees, who make the final grant decisions.

The 2023 awards bring the total IOLTA funds granted since 1988 to $25,943,890. The list of recipients is available here.