Memphis Reception

The Foundation’s fourth, annual, outreach reception was held this month in Memphis. Fifty Fellows attended, including those newly-elected as members of the Class of 2013, who were honored. The festive event was sponsored by law firms Ballin, Ballin & Fishman and Lewis Thomason and local member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Irma Merrill Stratton. See the slideshow of photographs below.

George Stratton, Irma Merrill Stratton, David Leake
John Horne, Barry Ward
Lee Chase, Paul Matthews, Bob Craddock
Judge Donn Southern, Clarence Halmon
Lance Minor, Randall Fishman
Dale Tuttle, Judge John Fowlkes
David Leake, Tom Dyer, Cliff Pierce
Amy Amundsen, Judge Butch Childers, Claudia Haltom
Charles Key, Susan Callison
Charlotte Knight Griffin, Justice Janice Holder
Kevin Hunter, Lance Minor
Judge Butch Childers (back to camera), and the Tates, Shepherd D. and S. Shepherd
Lee Chase, Judge Donna Fields, Mike Robb, Oscar Carr
Steve Goodwin, John Heflin
Monice Hagler, Jill Steinberg; Amy Pepke, Paul Matthews (back to camera)