“Lower Middle” Reception

On May 7, the Foundation held a reception at historic Rippavilla Plantation in Columbia (Maury County) for Fellows and judges from “lower middle” Tennessee. Guests from six area cities attended, along with Supreme Court justices Connie Clark (Franklin) and Bill Koch (Nashville) and the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, who met earlier in the afternoon in Columbia. The following law firms supported the event as sponsors: from Columbia, Fleming, Flynn & Murphy, P.C. and Hardin, Parkes, Kelley, Carter & Bryant, PLLC; from Lawrenceburg, Boston, Holt, Sockwell & Durham, PLLC and Harwell & Plant; and from Hohenwald, The Spitzer Firm. See the slide show of photographs below.

Andrew Sherriff, site historian, with circa 1880 photograph of Rippavilla’s owners, the Cheairs family.
Bill Harbison (Nashville), Paul Campbell (Chattanooga), Judge Creed McGinley (Savannah)
Charles Key (Memphis), Foundation Chair Mike Spitzer (Hohenwald)
Judge Bobby Sands (Columbia), Pam Reeves (Knoxville)
Barbara Holmes (Nashville)
“War stories” being told
Judge James Ross (Waynesboro), Billy Fleming (Columbia), Houston Parks (Columbia), Pat Flynn (Columbia)
Mike Spitzer (Hohenwald), Justice Connie Clark (Franklin)
Claudia Jack (Columbia), Tom Hardin (Columbia), Russ Parkes (Columbia), Pat Flynn (Columbia)
Justice Bill Koch (Nashville), Mike Spitzer (Hohenwald), Judge Jeff Bivins (Franklin)
Billy Fleming (Columbia), Judge Patricia McGuire (Lawrenceburg)
Ed Lawwell (Columbia)
On left, Ben Boston (Lawrenceburg)
Chair Mike Spitzer (Hohenwald) welcomes the guests
Janet and Landis Turner (Hohenwald)
Tom Hardin (Columbia), Wallace Harvill (Centerville), Russ Parkes (Columbia)