“Upper East” Reception

The Foundation’s outreach reception was held this spring in Kingsport, for Fellows and judges in “Upper East” Tennessee. Members from seven area cities attended, as well as Supreme Court Justice Gary Wade from Sevierville. Contributions from these law firms supported the event: Arnold, Haynes & Sanders (Johnson City); Hunter, Smith & Davis, LLP (Kingsport); Milligan & Coleman (Greeneville) and Wilson Worley PC (Kingsport). See the slideshow of photographs (below).

Harry Ogden (Knoxville), immediate past chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, greets the crowd
Chancellor Richard Johnson (Johnson City)
Judge Jerry Beck (Blountville), Bruce Shine (Kingsport)
Pat & Larry Boyd (Rogersville)
Julie Poe Bennett (Bristol), Bill Argabrite (Kingsport), Amy Ogden (Knoxville)
Chancellor Richard Johnson (Johnson City), Justice Gary Wade (Sevierville), Frank Johnstone (Kingsport)
Gene Gaby (Greeneville), Olen Haynes (Johnson City)
Chancellor E.G. Moody (Bristol), Bill Gamble (Kingsport)
Sandy Wade (Sevierville), Jimmie Miller (Kingsport)
John T. Milburn Rogers (Greeneville)
Amy Ogden (Knoxville), Morris Hadden (Kingsport)
Judge Rob Montgomery (Blountville)
Judge Marcia Phillips Parsons (Greeneville)
Arthur (Buddy) Scott (Kingsport)
The Guests